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Men always strives for the best and comes. Across novel ideas in his search. In the world of advertising. Every thing is offered to the consumers. In such a stylish way that he remains. Simply stunned. Beauty and sophistication. Apart, if you’re required product has an enviable. Standard, you are the luckiest consumer and if you are the client of Naeem packages then. Naeem packages stands atop among its contemporaries since.

"Long due its higher standards. It is not our claim but actually."

It is the consumer confidence in our products substantiates our claim that our. Standard is our identity. Naeem packages has always won costumer confidence due to its standard services. Printing on flexo graphic unit ranges from shopping bags to polythene bags. New style in new millennium. Keeping in view our lofty tradition, Flexo printing now offers. Printing of fabrics bags, ghee bags ,sweet bags, carry bags, shoe bags , garments bags, surf bags , soap bags, bread bags , nimco bags, salt bags , ice cream bags and other shopping bags etc. In new eye - catching colours and new designs. And modern six colours automatic imported plant, Using LDP, HPD, PP, OPP, and pearl materials. Quality control and standard services is our motto. We always keep in mind the purpose of our Respected customer in this area of recession. It is the half mark of naeem packages only. Because we prefer long term relations with.


To schedule & document the Quality Management System used by Pioneer Gas to assure the quality of its products and services.

Customer Focus:

Naeem packages has a concept of External Customer Satisfaction as well as Internal Customer Satisfaction established throughout the company. As the quality policy states, all the activities of dept. are derived in a view to enhance customer satisfaction(External & Internal).

We sincerely welcome friends all over the world to visit us and collaborate with us.


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Packaged Solutions for Eco-friendly Packaging,

Reliable Partner for Collaborative Partnership.

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Fourth Folds: Create and share sustainable benefits with our customers, employees.

  1. Customer Satisfaction: Excellent supplier to assist customers remain competitive.

  2. Employee Satisfaction: Good platform for staff's self-achievements.

  3. Social Satisfaction: Responsible contributor to a better community and society.