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Welcome to Naeem Packages. This is our story. From a dream to a larger than life reality, we have grown from being market leaders in packaging solutions and the largest film roll manufacturers, to being an omnipresent presence in every house – across Pakistan.

About Us
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Welcome to Naeem Packages

To be the market Leaders we serve our clientele by providing quality products and services, while encouraging feedback to ensure even higher standards. To be a Company that relies on continuous enhancements of its technological competence to seek innovative solutions for customer needs. To be an organization that attracts and retains outstanding professionals by maintaining a culture of openness and innovation, by promoting individual growth and by rewarding initiatives and performance.

  • Friendly Communication

    We hope that every customer can quickly develop their own brands. We are committed to cooperation and mutual benefit. Our production team and design team with excellent experience are constantly improving..

  • Scenario Shows

    ​Eco-friendly kraft paper bags, shopping bags with good load-bearing capacity, high quality and more assured use, make your shopping or travel more worry-free!

  • Cooperative Customer

    We cooperate with many well-known brands at home and abroad to provide good service and high-quality products, and also received good feedback from customers.